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Wounds remind us…

I injured my finger yesterday at Indoor Soccer.
The picture doesn’t do justice to show the size of my pinky.
Its bruised and probably 3 times the size it should be…
I got injured as a guy took a strike at goal when I was playing goalie… The ball hit my pinky finger head on.

However the point of this blog is not about the details.

Simply, wounds remind us we are alive.
Wounds remind us of our health.
So don’t always see wounds as a bad thing in your life.

I am blessed I get to live this life.
Play a fun game such as indoor.
I collect bruises and carpet burns… Yet I am thankful I can run and play the game.

Some wounds do carry deeper consequences and stories… But for the surface ones… Don’t so hurriedly dismiss them…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

2 thoughts on “Wounds remind us…

  1. Darrel,
    In addition to what you say, I believe that our loving Father has given us the gift of pain to remind us at times to be more careful when next we do similar things and also a reminder that we are not immortal depending on His grace to see us through. The commandment however is ‘ Thou shalt not tempt thy God’ must not be taken lightly expecting Him to look after us in all situations
    Love and blessings

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