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The Last 24 Hours

From Sat morning 5am to Sun morning 9am (just over 24 hours…)
I had a rather good time.
Jam packed hours of fun
Up and the crack of dawn
Loaded my bike on it’s rack
Headed down to Amanzimtoti,
To fetch my brother
(Love spending bro time together)
We drove an hour and a bit down to Lake Eland.
Arriving at the camp site, we put up our tents, soaked in the stunning view, shielded our bodies with hoodies against that bitter cold wind.
As the day awoke the sun got stronger
We then headed for an amazing two hour bike ride. Across some technical and tricky single track.
Where was I to sleep?
I had no tent with me. Just my car.
The plan was to stay in the entrance of my brother’s family tent.
The fun thing of this trip was all my stuff was scattered in my car.
Back seat and in my boot.
Living out of my car.
Life of a bachelor.
With an opened ended plan
Got to find one geocache (my new hobby)
Good chats around the braai
Sipping on beer
Food packed in my small cool box.
All in my car, ready to up and go.
I felt like I was travelling light.
Sunday morning while everyone was still sleeping, I got back in my car, still wearing my pyjama top and headed back home.
Working on Sundays, is what I do.
Yet to witness than incredible sunrise was amazing.
I got to go to a place in the Oribi Gorge which was new to me.
I love new experiences.
I love seeing new things.
A new memory in my mind and heart.
Another adventure gained.
I like the self term: wondering wanderer.
Live light, appreciate deeply, keep on keeping on…
I am alive. Thankful.

PS. The photo symbolises a well lived holiday. Collected dirt and collected stories.



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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