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A slice of pizza with a slice of my thoughts…

I wrote this for my church pew notices… I thought the message in it… maybe be helpful for some… take it or leave it:


Welcome 🙂

On Thursday night, our young adults group went to Taco Zulu (Florida Road) for a cell social and to celebrate the June birthdays of Callie and I.

I loved it.  There were fourteen of us at the table.  As we shared stories and pizzas and laughter this thought dawned on me:

We all carry different life experiences.  We all have different understanding of who God is.  We come with both mistakes and glories.

Yet in our complexity, the simple truth is that God loves us, and as the Zulu greeting suggests (Sawubona), He SEES us.  So true!

And then I thought about when we gather here, each Sunday; we too are packed with different life stories and ideas and thoughts of God.  Yet in this “set aside” place and time, our God will meet with us.  How open are we to that truth and invitation?

So as we sing, hear a message, sip on tea with friends afterwards, may you meet with God.

To the fathers, Happy Father’s Day!  Thank you for leading and caring for us.  Thank you for your support and being there for us.

To the youth, Happy Youth Day!  Please remember, you still have a VOICE.  You are not only the church of tomorrow (as some may say)… you are the church of TODAY! We need your enthusiasm, we need your heart!

Live well, live inspired,

Love Darrel



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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