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Letter from a Thief (The Chevelle show)

Chevelle 2

 CHEVELLE in Joburg, South Africa, 2 June 2013

How do I put it?  Music is my thing; it’s my passion!  I always have lyrics racing or dancing (whatever they do) in my head.

In my 33 years (almost) of existence I have been fortunate to see so many lives bands here in South Africa, in Belgium and in the UK.

I have had many artists on my list; some spoken and some unspoken.  Chevelle are one of those bands.

When I heard they were coming, I mused “Now, that’s a grand idea!”

I was first in the queue in my town to buy tickets on the day ticket sales opened.

Golden Circle Tickets #check

Road trip of six hours #check

Mates and some beer in cheap plastic cups #check

SHADOWCLUB were pretty cool.  But that’s not what we were there for.  The crowd, we waited, looking forward to see Peter Loeffler step forward to the mic and do his thing.

Finally, around 20h30 the band steps to the stage.  They kick off their set with Sleep Apnea

“There sat a new test
Much harder that you bought in
As for the unseen
Just take care of what you will”

With the band touring on their latest album: “Hats off to the Bull” we were expecting many songs from their album and they did not fail us with busting out their songs with passion and fury (the good kind).

My adopted “rock family” for the night we danced and sang (and in some cases screamed) along to Chevelle’s newer songs; Same Old Trip, The Meddler, Hats off to the Bull and the band’s favourite to play live Piñata:

“I’ll ask my curious side to follow you
To a bed of angels
Can’t help this wandering eye
Well lucky you
The devil made ya (look)”

Of course this was the band’s first time here, so how could any of their shows be complete without doing songs from their older albums.  And down memory lane we all went.

The first older song they did was “The Clincher

“(Well)Could we have known
Never would I(have)helped to nail down
With nothing to gain
Here’s the clincher, this should be you”

setlist chevelle

The gig was packed with special moments.  I really enjoyed rocking out with my brother singing word for word along to Vitamin R.

The ballad of Envy was amazing.  The crowd singing along with Pete.

When the band started Send the Pain Below, you could feel the energy in the venue rise.  A crowd anthem indeed.

As expected there was an encore.

We waited, wondering what songs they would do when they returned to stage.

Pete comes back on his own, strumming quietly on his electric, with the crowd singing together with him, The Red.

“They say freak,
When you’re singled out,
The red, well it filters through.

So lay down, the threat is real,
When his sight goes red again.
Seeing red again”

I really liked how the band engaged with the crowd; you could see they were grateful to be in South Africa.

Chevelle 1

I chuckled at the responses of both Pete and Dean (the bassist) as they read the sign in the crowd “I want to have your babies”

Dean replies “I would do it for £10” (I think that was his offered amount.)

A humorous reply from Pete “I will do it for free.”

You gotta love rock stars!  The world is their stage.  Or the stage is their world; take it or leave it.

I loved the show!

Seen Chevelle #check

 Chevelle 3

Photos courtesy of my friend: Darren 



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