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Fire / Flames / Burns / Passionate


I had to chuckle at this thought i had this morning.

We Christians are odd sometimes in our usage of words.

We speak of hell (the scriptures say that too) as a place where there is fire and people burning eternally.  how miserable!  That sucks!

Yet we also sing songs and speak of passion with imagery of fire.

For example “I am on fire for God.”

“Will You flame in us a passion for Your name.” and “I have this burning desire in me to go and change the world for God.”

there are plenty of those examples.  I am a fan of matt redman, think he is a potent and authentic worship leader (not caught up in the commercialism of worship as many other artists are.)

and in his new album (well not so new anymore), 10,000 reasons; he refers to “fires” in 3 different songs.

So this is just a “tongue in cheek” blog.  don’t stress or panic or attack me… 😉

just a humorous observation.

But on that note I really do like this matt redman song as a worship song and more churches should sing it:

God who keeps our fires burning
Burning through the darkest night
See the hope in our hearts
The faith in our eyes
You can move the highest mountain
You can keep our dreams alive
You’re the joy of our hearts
You’re the fire in our eyes



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