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Blister in the Sun (farefell to a friend)

This is a little bit of a tribute to my good friend, Nick Masters.

549715_10151119879340777_2113553239_n (Medium)

Today, him and his family leave Toti (where he has have lived for 33 years), they head off to the UK (stopping in Cape Town first for a few days)

A new chapter in their lives await there.

I am happy for them and this amazing opportunity they have before them.  Plus loads of our friends (from Toti) are that side now.  So they land in a network of people already.

I write this with sadness and appreciation. Nick has been and will always be an amazing friend.  I write this to celebrate our friendship so far.  I am sad to see him go, but truth be told from like 2001 – 2008, i lived in other towns (in South Africa) and didnt see him much.  Then for 3 years when I lived in the UK (2009 – 2011), gosh we saw each other loads.

From sharing similar tastes in music / back in std 7, we sang along word for word to Violent Femmes (we still do) / to water skiing shenanigans / to loads of beer (breweries would be proud of us) / walking to streets of London after nights out, hmm were we walking straight? / singing on the tubes (maybe we sang with dutch courage… haha) / to our recent shared hobby: geocaching / watching bands / tenpin bowling (ah all the usual life stuff) / even some profound conversations

I am proud to have Nick as a friend and totally gonna miss that guy.  But thankfully we live in a world that we can communicate easily,

Nick, Godspeed dude in your new adventure!

Keep me space in your spare room.  Coming to visit soon.  And keep aside a few caches for us to find.

Rock on!




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