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Josie and grace

Her name popped up on my bbm recent updates and my mind raced back to a profound event in my life.
Last year I worked in a church in Durban North.
Simply the minister and I and the leaders we clashed. I was judged harshly and unfairly and forced to leave. It was a messy exit. I was hurt. BUT this is not about that! Far from it.
This is about a girl named Josie.
A friend.

When I arrived at that church, Josie was the last to “welcome” me into that youth group. And that must not be seen as a bad thing at all. She just took some time to trust me and open her heart to me.

Then the week, that I was “suspended” from work. I was still allowed to go to the services (how kind?!) … I stood near the back of the church.
(Never felt so alienated as I did that time.)

Yet in a sheer moment of beauty and grace… God sends Josie my way.

Simply when all seemed “to reject” me she came and stood by me. She worshipped our gracious God with me.

That moment will always stick with me.
Maybe Josie took time to welcome me. But she was definitely the first to stand by me when the crap hit the fan (as they say.)

Jesus, thanks for using the most interesting and sometimes unexpected people to show your grace…

Josie, thank you.



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2 thoughts on “Josie and grace

    1. Thankfully God is always bigger than the church.
      because we know all churches are packed with sinners
      you and I alike.
      some just don’t admit they’re sinners.
      a shame.

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