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The little gestures we do…

Okay okay, I get it.
Jesus says we shouldnt tell of our good deeds. Because thats not humililty or whatever.
But I am gonna tell of my good deed anyway.
because this is not about that: humility.
I hope these simple typed out words inspire you to live out
doing little “acts of random kindness”. (ARK)
Okay, thats not original. You would all know that comes from Evan Almighty.

The sweetest lady works at our church. Her name is Gladys. Today we took staff photos for our website. It was so adorable to see how she got all dressed up in her smartest clothing for the picture.
I then decided on a whim to go and get the photos of her printed.
This afternoon I handed the two pirnted photos for her.
And she was “over the moon” so to speak.
She gave me a big hug.
She was SO grateful.
It really made me smile and think: i just did a small kindness…
Yet for this lady, she was super happy.

Maybe these little acts of kindness really do help make the world go around.
Oh and probably God’s gravity idea too…;)



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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