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If the shoe fits…

Two weeks ago was One Day Without Shoes, an awareness day organised by TOMs to think of those who contract diseases through their feet because they have no shoes due to poverty.

So this year we decided as a church, Hillcrest Methodist to ask over a 2 week period to bring shoes along. These shoes we would distribute to poor communities. I was so moved with us collected over 250 pairs of shoes.

Tomorrow, I go down to Pinetown Methodist where I have been asked to lead devotions and hand some shoes over to the ladies part of the Phakamisa ministry.

I am excited. This for me is the gospel in action.
Today, I had the tedious task of sorting out all the collected shoes. I was tempted to think at one stage; how on my day off… I should not be doing this “work”

But then I was convicted by the parable of the good samaritan.
Sometimes help is needed on the spot and that’s where u change ur schedule to help someone else.

So in thinking that, I thought let me just invite some of my youth to come help me.
And I was so pleased after school on a very short notice invite 3 of my teens came to serve and help me.

Made me smile.
It didn’t “fit” into their original day plans but they stepped out themselves and helped out.

Back to the good samaritan; he didn’t say to the guy who needed help: “sorry I can’t help today. It doesn’t fit in my planned schedule. But I can help tomorrow…”

No! On the spot he helped.
So often our giving and our service is too calculated…

Maybe the gospel on action is accepting the disruptions in your diary.

Just a thought. This is not a blog about “judging others” its just me thinking out loud.

However, “If the shoe fits” then maybe God is using these words to convict you…



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