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Dear Zoe, my car, I am so sorry…

What happened to you, dear Zoe?
Are you okay?

(Okay okay, first things first. I named my car Zoe, after an awesome friend I met in the UK. As we journey in life we meet awesome people along the way. Like wise with my car, as we journey, we shall come across some sweet adventures.)

So my dear car, you are by far a rock car.
But I know how it feels on Wednesdays. On our way to Indoor, we do have to endure THAT music… Yuck!

To please my team mates and maybe to build a connection with them, I let them take my AUX cable and play music from their phones. That 15 min drive I have to put up with: house, dance, something called Fringe, who knows… All this commercial pop dance, drum and bass nonsense.

And Zoe, I know it hurts your system…

But you and I both need to confess, when THE DROP kicks in… In those songs… We kinda like the BASS 🙂

but yes, I hear you, how we love those sweet days of driving together with an amazing rock soundtrack.

From DMB to Paramore to The Classic Crime to Fall Out Boy and so many more good bands…

We will drive on.
So yep, some “wednesdays” will come. We will please the passengers,

But both you and I know, Dear Zoe,
That Thursday comes.

And we can crank up the speakers… And

Rock on!!!



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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