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Greenery and Geography of the Heart

So I got here a little earlier. Gateway.
To avoid the manic and mad rush of traffic in the area between 4 and 6.
I decided to find a Cache (my awesome hobby)

I really love the places this hobby takes me too.

Who would usually go to this place known as the Green Oasis? Greenery to calm the busy mind I guess.
I do hope local business employees rest in this park. Its amazing.
Now in the huge mall of Gateway sipping on a coffee and snacking on a muffin, mingling with the pages of my book. I get to pause.
I get to chill. I appreciate it.

Been thinking a lot lately about Geography and one’s own condition of their heart…

People like to have new starts. Moving places and starting in a new area is often seen as a “fresh start” or a “new beginning”

However I am discovering…

One can change your physical geography, but the geography or your heart won’t necessarily change…

Yes, bring on new landscapes of the world. Set a new scenery.
But one needs to work on the landscape of their own heart.

I have lived on different continents, in different climates…

And still I have lots of “stuff” I need to deal with.
My loneliness, my lack of self confidence.

All that needs to be addressed.

Jesus, are u listening?



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

3 thoughts on “Greenery and Geography of the Heart

  1. I’m listening, I got here a bit late. My dad is a pastor, a great guy, a good friend. Finished reading “Spiritual Depression: its causes and cures” by D.Martyn Lloyd-Jones. When I was young I heard about something called “the good news”. My life is a bit strange, to me. I’m over 40 now, anyway, I’m wondering if I have found God. I think I might have, it’s such a private thing but can I afford not to share? And I was wondering whether loneliness and lack of self-confidence are just the other side of humility and love?

    1. i don’t always think though… in my life… is that its an opposite to humiltiy and love. my loneliness comes from many things… and also the lack of confidence… i dont think it comes from a lack of humility… but something else.

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