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So i hoist my sail…

So earlier in the year, I wrote this blog: Why I am studying theology

How things are different now?
Truth is, once I had received the material and read through it, I felt disturbed and uneasy in my heart.
It felt wrong that I was going “that direction study wise”

I had made a mistake.
But i don’t feel regret or bad about that decision.
Because in changing paths, I really felt the hand of God behind it.
I felt a sense of peace.

I once heard a preacher (or someone mention) that “God can move a moving ship and not a stationary one”.
Let me explain, well if you try move the rudder of a ship that is at port – it won’t go anywhere.
However if a ship is out at sea (has set sail), if one moves the rudder ever so slightly, its direction can be altered.

I like that. It’s how i have seen God work in my life.
So I made a decision, I went for theology. It was not a right decision, but in moving… God stepped in an altered the direction.

Well, I felt that and am thankful.

I am now doing a certificate course in Tourism. I feel excited and a peace about that.


So, around the theme of ships, I like this lyric from Blindside:

“I hoist my sail
Through there is no wind in sight
And i close my eyes to feel the fresh breeze”

Sometimes, we just have to hoist the sail. What does that mean for you right now?

to listen to the whole song… click HERE NOW – I DARE YOU



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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