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The places we go…

There where 6 of us standing on the Old Impenjati River Bridge. We were looking for something.

What were we doing, you may ask?

We were Geocaching. Check out what it is: here

Its a worldwide online and physical treasure hunt. Various caches are hidden at different GPS locations.

I can’t tell u much more, if you are a muggle. (A term you will you come to know once u begin this fun hobby.)

The point of it, you may ask: simply, is to have fun.

Anyway, here my friends and I are standing on this bridge looking for a cache. And what is great about this bridge, is that this exact bridge was filmed in the movie, Blood Diamond.

So its cool to say we have stood on the same bridge that Leonardo DiCaprio once stood. (That’s if you’re the star struck type of person)

Point is, Geocaching is fun because it takes u to places u wouldn’t usually go.

The other day I was deep into the Springside Nature Reserve in Hillcrest, looking for a cache, and I noted the beauty around me: Ferns, a Paradise Flycatcher, an array of various coloured flowers and a Kingfisher. (Can’t remember the type, offhand)

After fetching my friend from the King Shaka Airport we were looking for caches and ended up exploring the beautiful office recreational spaces at Dube.

On monday, I came across a view of Westville Prison, from across the valley. (Where I said a prayer of mercy for the prisoners.)

There are many unknown corners of our towns and provinces that we may ignore generally.

I am glad to have taken on this hobby.
I am beginning to see some unusual and exciting things.

Oh, the places we go…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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