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A(ward) for Oscar

So I think a lot.
None of this is from any source but my own thoughts.
this is merely my opinion and my questions. But this is what I have thought since reading this tweet among others
(big news in South Africa today)


i) What society do we live in that we have to have a gun at home? I know that sounds ignorant as a South African. because I know our country is going through hectic times. Still the thought of carrying arms, breaks my heart.
ii) How did Oscar’s gf enter the house? why so quietly? Not to disturb her bf, Oscar?
Had they not discussed any time before (maybe day before) that she’d be popping in?
Or was it a surprise for Valentines? (Turn’s out she was surprised… eish)

iii) But why the heck did he shoot her 4 times? Did he not hear her scream after the first shot?
What anger would one have to pull a trigger 4 times? or was it pure adrenalin?

iv) Its amazing how many tweets are going around because this guy is pretty famous, truth is… crap like this goes down all the time; and no one tweets about these people. As if fame is more important that the common?

These are just my 2 cents thoughts…



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One thought on “A(ward) for Oscar

  1. I do own guns and I can tell you a few things for sure. One, I never want to be in a position to pull a trigger with the barrel aimed at a human being. That is not why I own guns. Two, If I did find myself in that position, pulling the trigger four times is exactly what I would do. If I thought my life was in danger, I wouldn’t leave my survival to just one shot, likely fired in a heightened state of panic.

    Then there’s three and the most important one. Why didn’t he take the time to account for the fact that his wife was not at home? I have my gun drawn, ready to go, I am a husband, and I do not take the time to think for one second that my wife is not in the house. Or that she is in the house?

    There’s not a whole lot of sense in that. There’s not a whole lot sense in any of it, unless of course you are willing to consider that either he was drunk or it wasn’t an accident.

    Of course, I am not there, so I don’t know anything.


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