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Keep them busy…

This concept and truth of busy-ness has struck me recently.

I was reminded of the book: The Screwtape Letters

Written by: CS Lewis.
The idea behind the book is letter correspondence between the Devil and his head demon.

In the book there is a profound conversation between the devil and the head demon:

I paraphrase it here:

“Don’t try tell the Christians that God doesn’t exist. They know that He does already.”

“Instead, make the Christians busy. Put lots of things in their lives. If you keep them busy, then they won’t have time for God.”

I work with teenagers/youth.
They are super busy these days.
Schools demand a lot.

Busy-ness is definitely an enemy to spending time with God.

Two ways we could change:

1) Learn to take time to be still. Not even a case of “learning” just be still!

2) Learn to be with God and communicate with Him in the busy-ness.

What do you think?



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2 thoughts on “Keep them busy…

  1. less thinking, feeling, uming and ha-ing and more time BEing still : to talk to God, your Angel companions or just getting to know ourselves better…a worthy pastime} being busy not being busy perhaps ? A sense a blog post on the subject πŸ™‚

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