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Then there was a party…

I watched this really cute rendition of the Christmas story here:

(Do watch it.)
What really made me smile.. is the part at the end… when the kids pull out the glow sticks and have a party…

the voice of the kid says: “then there was a party.”

Now that’s an invite I won’t refuse!!!

I think so many invites to the Jesus movement… the relationship with Jesus leaves out the sweet promise “then there was a party”

Maybe because Christians throw a negative stigma on the word “party”

“Oh dear, I am a Christian, I am not allowed to party.” Are you kidding me?

Jesus says to Zaccheus, “come down from that tree…I’m coming for a party (meal)
It was said of Jesus that he was always hanging out with “the sinners” and they all seemed to “party”
And a wedding party, Jesus prolonged the evening… with making more wine.

Yes, its a serious matter, what Jesus did for us.
Because of His life and death we are set free, we are forgiven…
Yet there is more…

There is a party.

I am sorry for the poor invites Christians give when they exclude the invitation to the party.

(Yes, I hear the fact… that we have to take up our cross… etc etc…), however

Then there was a party…




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