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When i tell little lies…

I think u may be like me, you may also tell little lies. We call them “white lies” … Does anyone know why that is? Do tell…

Hmmm, this post is to 2 types of people:

I really don’t want to lie, but sometimes that saying: “the truth hurts” is actually true. If I told you the truth, it may hurt you…

My letter to you:

1) Dear Hitchhikers

I met u at the traffic lights. This time, you are white. But regardless of your skin colour… You do put me in a predicament. You asked for a lift.
I was even going to the destination that you requested.
But I had to tell a lie: “sorry I am not going that way.”

But to be honest, its just not safe for me (I was driving on my own) to offer u a lift. I am not saying you are a criminal. I am not saying you are not trustworthy.

But you yourself have heard the stories of other offers of lifts gone wrong. So yes, I lean on a “generalisation” but you can’t blame me, right?

One needs to live safely.
So I please don’t ask me for a lift because, I will have to tell a lie. Not intended, I promise.

I could say: “sorry, I can’t trust hitchhikers” but I think that truth may hurt.

So dear hitchhiker, I hope u find a lift today.
Or I hope one day you get yourself a bicycle or car.

A lone driver on the road

2) Dear Beggars

Darn I told a lie again “sorry I don’t have cash on me.”

Truth is, sir (or mam) I do have cash. But really don’t think its wise to give cash to you. Will you use it wisely? I am unsure about that.

You may buy alcohol, smokes or glue to sniff.

But I can’t tell u that. Because I do feel for u. How on earth did u get to that place to have to beg by these traffic lights?

I can tell u this, I had this excellent idea recently. I bought a big bag of peanuts. I will pack some peanuts in small bags and carry those in my car. Next time I see you, I will give u a bag of that. It may just help feed you for one meal.
Hope that’s okay?
But please don’t look at me with disgust if I do give that to you, okay?

Also when I do have old shoes and clothes I may pass it on to you.
But do know I really do wear in my clothes. I hardly buy new clothes 🙂

I will still wind down my window and say hi, maybe even ask your name. But I won’t give you money, alright?




I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

One thought on “When i tell little lies…

  1. A white line is fine. It may even be a way of living honestly- a way of responding that feels right, as in your words above…. Like everything else- a personal choice and that is perhaps what matters.

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