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Are you where you’re supposed to be?

When one goes hiking in the Drakensburg you will come across these along your trail:

DSCF0283 (Medium)

They’re rock piles to “affirm” you that you are on the right track.

Today I ask you (and as we approach the end of another year), will your PAUSE and take stock of your life?

i) Are you where you’re supposed to be?

– We’re good at starting the year with “New Year’s Resolutions” however we don’t end the year, seeing how we did.
– It may be a painful experience but it is needed for us to grow, don’t you think?

ii) How have you changed in a positive way this year? Celebrate that.

– Well done for the change! We as people need to evolve into better people.

iii) How did you serve the world in some kind of way this year?

– A larger than life person is someone who lives outside themselves and gives of their talents and time to the world in need around us.

iv) How have you changed in a negative way this year? Why so?

– This will be difficult to do… but it is needed.

I look upon this year. I really hate it when i repeat the same mistakes. I want to be a better person.
For me, but more for my God, for my wife (that I will meet one day) and for my family and friends.
I can’t keep living in circles doing the same crap over and over.
I need to become better.

so I celebrate the good changes in me.
Yet, I need to be convicted and challenged to “leave behind” the stupid things I have done.
Repent and move forward.

How about you, are you where you’re supposed to be?



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One thought on “Are you where you’re supposed to be?

  1. I believe them every day we are where we are supposed to be in our life- good or bad, up or down, high or low. It is as it is meant to be and if its not great or what your heart desires- that too is life and in time and with patience balance will take you back to a positive uplifting place- have faith.

    Love the symbolism of the rocks in your pic.

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