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This Blasphemy Thing

I think that blasphemy verse (Mark 3: 29) is only quoted, but what about verse 28 before where it says all sins and blasphemies of men will be forgiven.

I think one needs to ask about intention. What is the intention of the people “who are apparently blaspheming” … you see what I mean?
People are foolish to not believe in a God and their own “blasphemy” is out of ignorance.
And maybe God sees past the ignorance and to their hearts.

They “trying to play tough and apathetic about God” yet in the depth of their hearts… their “blasphemy” carries no weight.

God knows that deep down they’re longing to no truth. Reminds me too of what Jesus said on the cross “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.”

I also thought more about “intention”
When those who just “unconsciously” blasphemy are they “really intending massive harm to God”
God is not insecure.
But people say “Jesus Christ” or “Oh God” as easily as one says “Oh crap!”

But their silly blasphemy saying carries no weight.
Do they intend to denounce the existence of a God with their statement? No!
In fact we “could claim it back” and freak them out and say “praise the Lord” every time they use the Lord’s name in vain.

(Haha! That would freak them out.)

Now if someone OUT RIGHT with pure hatred and direct intention “blasphemed” against God; that may be another story.

Yet again, how dare I “box” God’s mercy and His patience? There are many things about Him that remain a mystery to me.

Maybe God in His infinite wisdom says of those “My child, you break my heart, but you do not know all. Your knowledge limits you. So you speak out of a lack of knowledge. So I can’t hold this intended blasphemy against you.”

So that’s my thoughts. Hope it sheds a little light…



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