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The Sharks (swimming in some thoughts from yesterday)

Saturday 27th October 2012

I am loving the black and white “Sharks” fever today.
The province unifies in support of their team who will be playing in the Curry Cup Final.
Its amazing what a day like this holds…

The guys who stand at the traffic lights (robots), they have a moment of business brilliance and sell Sharks flags and other memorabilia.
Sports stores in the malls stock up on Sharks jerseys, and you can see loads of people walking around wearing those black and white colours so proudly.
Radio presenters offer tickets to the games, create interesting conversation all in hype for the approaching game.
Business booms for certain companies and sponsor.
Families get together for braai’s (barbecues).
Friends get together at pubs/bars and each other’s houses.
The fever is exciting!

Yet I cant help but think that this day involves other things too:

– Someone in this province today, is feel lonely. is feeling broken
– Some family are seriously struggling to make ends meet.
– Where lots gather to support their team, others gather just to keep warm

This is not a “you should feel guilty” post; it’s just a “something I am thinking about” post.
My thoughts constantly race.. I Just keep up with these written words.

I am just another blogger, somewhere in the world adding to a conversation… you may listen if you like…

I guess it takes all sorts to live on this planet?

Turns out the Sharks lost the final…

Random question: Does a pub/bar make more money when the local’s team wins or loses?
Win: buy drinks to celebrate
Lose: buy drinks to mourn

I wonder…



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