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17 October 2012

In the next suburb (Winston Park) from where I stay (Hillcrest) there is this row of trees that probably stretches on for about 5km.
The trees are spectacular.
(Don’t ask me what type of tree they are.)
And I can imagine they are decades old.
What is remarkable about these trees planted along each side of the road is the unselfishness they represent.
My brother enlightened me to this truth a few months back.
Maybe two generations ago some people decided to plant these trees, knowing that in their life time, they wouldn’t see the full splendour of the trees that they have planted.
But they planted them anyway.
And about two generations later, we get to see and marvel over the beauty of these very tall and spectacular trees.
How unselfish of those people two of even three generations back.
Sometimes people do beautiful things for others.



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2 thoughts on “TREES – UNSELFISHNESS (Part 2)

  1. There’s a Celtic parable that is on this same theme. It finishes with these words (an old man answering a young man):
    The fruit I have enjoyed in my lifetime has been from trees that people before me planted. So to express my gratitude of them, I am planting trees to give fruit to those who come after me.’
    Something to think about…

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