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Unread books

This is my bookshelf.
You may have a bookshelf too.
sometimes I buy books. I read the book.
And if its a great story I will pass it on to my brother to read.
But that’s about as far as it goes.
Sometimes I give them out to the youth or young adults at my church who like to read.

But that’s it.
That’s the mere distance these stories travel.

There are many people in and around our lives who need to hear a good story.

Why do we hoard books?
Stories and words have the power to change lives.
Yet we allow our books to gather dust.

Unread books.
What a waste.

In an idealistic world but maybe it could be real.. Maybe a group of friends / readers should commit to saying that each month they would give away 3 books. And when the next person has read them they promise to pass them on.

Its always silly when in the same group of friends or family.. The same books are owned. What a waste of spending.

Do you agree?



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7 thoughts on “Unread books

  1. I think we covet and hoard books out of a desire and respect for Word. For learning, and understanding. For a connection to something outside of ourselves.

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