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No internet

I am itching for words.
So I write.
Sitting from my bed watching the drizzle outside.
Pleasantly falling bringing refreshment to the flowers below.

This saturday morning starts slow.
Reading a book sipping on coffee. Sometimes its good to pause. To slow down.

No internet.

For last 3 days we have not had internet at work.
Its been hard to do a lot of my job. Its amazing how we rely on it.
Yet at the same time I have had time to focus on other cool parts of what I do.

Also in my new place, I don’t have internet. So at the end of the day its nice to be disconnected.

To use that time for other things. Such as reading.

I know I can go on the internet with my phone, but I don’t usually. Because its just I thing I believe in. And don’t do.

Rather use my laptop for internet.
Although I guess I do sometimes use this wordpress on my blackberry. That’s cool.

Its cool to write.
To share with my online community.
I guess being nomadic and having friends faraway.
I find community with words and those who love words..

Appreciate your surroundings.
Enjoy your loved ones.



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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