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8th October 2012

I sit with the sounds of mallets smashing away at the floor.
I sit in the popular night spot (Joe Cools along Durban Beachfront)
Its afternoon and it’s a rainy day. However the view of the ocean is still amazing.
It’s a weird moment I guess.
Because I am trying to pause and have a moment of peace
But these noises of construction are a contradiction to what I am trying to achieve and of the view to my right.
And yet the serenity of the ocean seems to scream louder than this construction I am surrounded by.

It’s kinda cool; at the tables next to me are the new owners of this place. They are busy typing and working away on their laptops.
I seem to have unconsciously camouflaged myself among them.
The waitresses didn’t think to “come and offer service” to me as they thought I was one of them also writing away on my laptop.
Makes me smile for a little while; I feel like a “big shot” sitting here next to these business people.

Not even sure why I am writing this.
Take it or leave it.

After thirty minutes I come back to this piece I wrote: Now I know why this moment makes me feel good.

It’s the connectedness and also the hospitality.
I feel part of the “busy vibe” down here on the beach front, people outside at play, music playing in this club, construction happening. Life is on the move.

But even better still, when I arrived, I asked someone (possibly one of the new owners) if the place was open, because I had noted all the construction.
He told me in such a friendly way to come in and find a seat.
Even though they’re busy with all this setting up and construction and “business stuff” I was more than welcome to just sit here on my laptop and write away.

I love it when people treat others warmly.



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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