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Good Parenting or Good God

I read this devotion this morning: 10th October 2012 Reading

This part got me thinking:
Samuel, who was 4, had finished eating his dinner and asked if he could be dismissed from the table. He wanted to go outside to play. But he was too young to be out alone, so his mother said, “No. You can’t go outside by yourself. You need to wait for me to finish and go with you.” His quick reply: “But, Mommy, Jesus is with me!”
Samuel had learned well from his parents that the Lord is always by his side.

The little boy in this story points out a valid truth.
But now I am just stirring…

Would you as a Christian parent be able to let your child go outside on his own?
If not, why not?
Because it’s bad parenting?
Or because you don’t really believe that Jesus is that practical and when we learn that Jesus is with us, He really is with us?

In a south african context, I know many folk who would be very hesitant to leave their children alone outside.
Because of all the crime.

But I am just intigued… how practical is Jesus to you?
If we whole-heartedly believe that Jesus REALLY is there for us and really can PROTECT us.

How willing are we to trust that truth?
I don’t really know the answer.

But do we not speak of a very practical faith, yet we don’t always act it out?
I am guilty of that at times. how about you?



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3 thoughts on “Good Parenting or Good God

  1. I think whilst we know Jesus is always with us, that doesn’t mean that nothing bad will ever happen to us. We can trust that when we are in Him, he goes through everything together with us and is our comfort and our help. But we will still have practical problems / sickness / injury etc. which He will not hide us from.

    If we think we have no responsibility for our personal safety, we ignore the free will of ourselves and others and demote ourselves to puppets/props instead of Sons.

    God intervenes with miracles frequently to show His hand at work, but they aren’t the norm, or they wouldn’t be miraculous!

    I tell my children that Jesus guarantees them a life with Him and the Father after this one if they love Him, but everything else is a blessing not a right. Including their safety. So they have to listen to me on that! Lol.

    I blogged recently about a near miss with my youngest – it really made us think about this stuff. We have to trust that WHATEVER THE OUTCOME God is good. Not that He will always give us a good outcome. That’s what it means to be in Jesus.

    1. thank you Christine for commenting. I agree with your comment. I was just stirring. But also making people think. How much do they trust Jesus? or is it all “just a good idea”

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