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On my way to work

I feel like I have stepped into the most scenic place…
The ride to my church from my house, is not even a km…with the shortcut I have found.

yet that trip is filled with beauty.
I wanted to share it with you…

(If you are like: “oh no! another blog from Darrel” then… um… feel free to skip this one…)

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way…

Let me share my ride to work with you:

1) So as I head out the driveway I approach this road aligned on each side with tall splendorous looking trees. They tower over me and their succulent green branches wave me by…

2) I then turn right onto Springside road and I ride under a “naked” canopy of skeleton looking branches. However on the bright day the blue sky’ed backlit “canvas” presents a picturesque setting.

3) The flowers flaunt their colours as I cycle by…

4) I then veer off onto a bike track up a bank and head alongside the train tracks

5) Along the tracks, I need to cross and make it up to the nearby main road

6) Looking left and right I cross the main road and head down the street where I find my church.

7) I arrive to the most welcome sight of this plain tree towering overhead.

How is your route to work?
Do you miss the beauty all around you?

One may say, they sit in a car in heavy traffic?
But could one not listen to good music in their car and see that trip as a moment to worship (worship music) or simply appreciate a good band. (any other music)
One could use the “office space” of your car as a place to pray for others?

And I do know to and from work, even people stuck in heavy traffic are able to notice the incredible sunrises and sunsets and that welcome and bid farewell to us, each day…




I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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