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Tourist in my own city (well sort of), and did you say Gau (scratch your throat when pronouncing that) train?

This can be seen as an ode to my home country: South Africa.
Too often we have haters and not believers of our country.  To the believers, this is for you!

I recently read an article posted by Lonely Plant (Click here if you are a travellor) entitled “How to overcome to post travel blues.”

The one thing that struck me the most was: become a tourist of your “own city.”  Take photos and learn more about where you stay.

So this blog is not exactly about my home city, Durban, however the point remains…
I went to Joburg recently for a week.  The main reason was to watch Switchfoot (that’s a whole other blog).

However the rest of the days served me a great adventurous and experiencing new things stay:

Part I – In and about
My friends took me to this awesome view spot.

The day after the Switchfoot (Band Site Here) show, we started off our day with some child like fun:

Darrel vs Daryl
Who wins?  In this “sliding down a hill on a sheet of cardboard” (Yes, you read correctly.)

We then headed to inner city Joburg; where they have recently named a spot New Town.
And the last time I was in this city centre for a tour was 16 years ago in 1996 on a school accounting tour.
Now a few years wiser, I come here with appreciation and wide eyed wonder.

From seeing the First National Bank Centre, the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange), groovy colours on the buildings, the Nelson Mandela bridge and posing for some random pictures, we indeed had a blast of a day.

I even captured some “arty” shots (Maybe you have not seen the world this way before?):

What a great day we had!  I felt a sense of newness in me seeing these things and enjoying a great day with good friends.

Then Saturday arrives, and we go on the…

Part II – Gautrain

With a sense of nostalgia and pride, I boarded this Gautrain.
The whole experience, from getting rail cards, scanning them above the card reader, walking down the escalators, waiting on the platform and gazing out the windows of the train, I felt so proud of my country.

This technology and experience reminded me of the London Underground, yet it was here at home, in my own country.
We may be a developing country but we can stand tall and proud of this achievement in our country.
And I wondered how many saffas have not gone on this yet.  Why not?

It’s a superb experience!
Celebrate with the advancement of our country.

Become a tourist in your own city.

We then arrived at Hatfield in Pretoria where we had a picnic and walked around appreciating the scenery.

What a cool day outing!

The second to last day, my friend and I went mountain biking:

It’s good to be active outdoors.
We live in a beautiful country
In the worlds of Coldplay (Don’t Panic!), “we live in a beautiful world, yeah we do, yeah we do…”



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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