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This made me REALLY sad…

Forgive me for my “excellent” picture editing.  However this picture below is what I saw this morning as I pulled off from a stop street and looked in my rear view mirror:

(Essentially what the picture depicts is a boy sitting in the passanger seat in front with his mom driving, and he is wearing: headphones.)

What the Heck!  Seriously how sad is that?!

– Right next to his mom, and he rather shut himself off from her… by putting headphones on.
– That reflects a lot of what is going on in our society today: “we are here, but not present”
– Or as a lot of people note in London, you see how people shut themselves off from people with thier headphones. Although I believe thats for others reasons too and not just disconnection.)
– However just seeing this boy being next to his mom and still wearing his headphones, made me so sad. How rude is that?
– And how disconnected?

Anyway thats my gripe. My observation.

What do you think? Have you noted how unpresent people can be? And how we disconnect ourselves too often? Thoughts?



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2 thoughts on “This made me REALLY sad…

  1. Don’t often comment on blogs but I’ve been really challenged about being present lately. I find myself too often playing games on the phone instead of talking..

    But also in my job – how present am I at meetings or gatherings? Am I always thinking about the next event, the next meeting, the next session rather than the one I’m currently in….lately it seems to be a case of “let’s finish this so I can start that” so I’m never really enjoying or “at” what I’m meant to be at…

    make sense?

  2. Totally hear you out. I feel bad as a Youth pastor (worker), because even us… we struggle with being present. Its this “toaster” generation we live in. (What I mean: put a slice of bread in a toaster, 1 min later you have toast.) Everything is so quick and rushed… and does not allow for “being present”
    hectic. thanks for commenting.
    we live we learn we inspire 🙂

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