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Drakensburg Prayer…

God of Adventure,
I do pray the “usual things”
Keep us safe, keep us from injury.

But I pray for more than that.
I pray that you make us brave to face the cold.
And when its cold… begin to stir a fire in our hearts.
I dont pray that in a cheesy way.
But stir us to be men

wild at heart
set us with a mission and purpose

As we a group of 10 guys approach those mountains,
may we return… with a glory.
Not for ourselves.
May you fill us with a radiant light and heart to shine for Your glory
“The Glory of God is a heart fully alive.”

I pray on that mountain
that we breathe in Your presence.
Open our hearts to that obvious truth.
May the beauty inspire us
fill us with dreams
overflow us with love
for You
for Your people

We pray for adventure.
May we see incredible sights.
May we come back changed men of God.

Away from the distractions of “everyday life”
in Your heart, in the heart of this Country
Go with us.
Climb with us.
Live with us.

God, in Your grip we want to stay.
May we grow in Your image and eyes and heart.

In Your majestic name I pray,



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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