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Less Calculated Worship

Last night as we sung in church, I found myself getting upset with the “data person” for being so slow in putting up the words for the song in front of us.
(I thought that others may think the same. And feel frustrated or annoyed?)

But how ODD and INCORRECT of us to feel that way?

In a moment of worshipping our incredible God, we would carry “annoyance” Now that’s foolish and pointless right?

Besides, why are we so “conditioned and relient” on the words in front of us, when we should know them “on our hearts” already. Maybe we are lazy worshippers?

On Saturday I was honoured to be part of a Zulu Wedding. What a super cool experience!

What struck me was the spontaneous and free worship of the Zulu people.

When the minister asked for a song, someone from the church just burst forth into song. everyone joined in.

No need for data projector or the words (it was on their hearts)
No need to wait for the right chord to be played or someone to lead (each person is a worship leader potentially)
No need for a band in fact (the rhythm is i them.)
No need for “an order of service” (their worship was spontaneous.)

We are different cultures.
There is a western way of doing things.

But sometimes it would be great if the Zulu culture and way of doing things would infiltrate the “westernized” worship we so often “organise”

Maybe we should pray for power failures of the band equipment, the data projector to fail one night…

And see how the people would worship then?
Would it be TOO MUCH of a disruption or would it set people free in a new kind of worship?

What do you think?



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