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Day off

P.O.D sang “Every day is a new day, I am thankful for every breath.”

I am thankful indeed:

It started late.
I got out of bed after 11h30
No particular reason
I did check mail from the warmth of my bed
I chatted to my friend from Jbay.
Thought about plans and things for the week.

Afternoon was super productive, in simple ways
got shirt for a wedding
did some random admin stuff (that needed to be done)
and went for a cycle.

I sat at Circus Circus
sipping on some hot choc / coffee combo thing
and just saoked everything in

What the heck, Durban Boulevard is stunning! really it is.
In between the pages I was reading,
i noted the hive of activity around me
from American tourists speaking at the table next to me
to people running past
cycling past
and skating those awesome long boards.

to out in the water,
surfers playing in God’s swimming pool.
Durban is stunning.
Really it is.

Had a cool thought about my birthday.
Its a day of promise and starting.
The very next day after my birthday (Winter Solstace)…
The days start getting longer again… exciting!

What God me was the emotion in my heart as I looked around
but more than that, I SOAKED in the life and beauty around me
seriously the colours of the sky was out of this world

the low lying clouds mingling with orange
the splendid mix of orange, red and blue, and greyish sky
the shadows and lights dancing together in the sky
the stillness and awe in the air

I was so thankful I could see all this
The day ends with some dancing lessons. (I love dancing)
and a good home made meal. (I surprise myself with my cooking every now and then.)
And now I pen (type) my thoughts

What a great day off!



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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