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The day I grew up and became child like again. (My 32nd Birthday)

Hi my name is Darrel.
I do not have it altogether. I hate the question: “What are you gonna do with your life?” (I still dont know.)
I am far from perfect. I mess up. I am a flirt. I hurt people. I say dumb things. Not always the best Christian example.


today is my birthday… and I realised things:

Hi I am Darrel.
I was created by this loving God, who sees things a whole lot differently…

You know 32, is really a “random” age to turn.
But I am seriously wanting to rank it the best bday celebration yet.

Why do I say that?
I started this day, flooded with cool bbm messages and FB comments.
then some delicious cake with my friends and staff at my new church.
Then my awesome mom took me for a drink and lunch in Umhlanga.

Then in the afternoon, I did a bit of work (not much, thankfully) and then headed down for an afternoon surf.
Again I looked at the setting sun. Oh my oh my, God you are stunning!

Then tonight, I went to Taco Zulu in Florida Road (Durban) where I met up with a few friends and had a few drinks.
I looked at the table around me. people from toti, dbn north and ladysmith.

Fun was had indeed.

YET the best moment was when I got home and opened the gift from my brother.
words escape me (well maybe they dont because I am writing this)

I just cant believe how much effort and thought and love my bro put into my gift. (Priceless)
Basically he wrote this letter that had “words” from many others, from all over my life, each era of it.
from east london to bicester to london to toti to ladysmith to oxford to durban north.

These people (some i didnt expect to hear from) wrote the most beautiful things about me.

I am humbled. I am moved.
Simply, I am grateful.

The view of my life and who I am… is very different to how I see it.

and even more so.. in God’s eyes.

I lost confidence in who I am.

But tonight, I grew up, just a little and realised how much God loves me. How I have a role to play in this big thing called the Universe…
and I also became more childlike sitting in His lap…

Realising, I got a long way to go.
But each day… I wake up to the lovely world that my Father has made.

What a great birthday!

(Disclaimer. I am not without sin. God has not waved any magical wand over me to take away all my junk, not yet. I am a work in progress. Yet in the words of Lifehouse: “How can i stand here with you and not be moved by You.” Jesus, can you and I hang out please?)




I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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