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I counted my blessings but…

I sat down to count my blessings.
One: for my health. I can run around freely.  I don’t often have flu.
Two: for my sight.  I can see the incredible ocean before me.  That I see God’s unique sunsets every day.
Three: for my family.  It’s great to have a family that I get on with.  That I can be myself around and they love me for who I am; even with all my complexities…

I carried on counting: four, five, six and so on…

For my car / the safety and warmth of my home / my clothing / the places I have travelled to / the friends I have met all over the country and rest of the world.
I can close my eyes and imagine and see foreign streets and remember moments: like sitting in a town square of Rome sipping some good wine / or the feeling the desert sand of Egypt between my toes and on my slops.

I counted all the bands I have been blessed to see.
I counted all the times, God has forgiven me… (I do mess up often.)
For His grace, the things He has taught me.  The patience He has with me.
The joy and peace He so often places in my heart.

Another blessing: for the lives He has touched through my mere written and spoken words.

I continued counting… 115, 116, 117… getting to snowboard the beautiful French alps; to ride those old school bicycles in Holland / to sitting in a pub in Germany having a drink with a good friend and / to playing Frisbee in a park.

I recall a time when I saw dolphins when I went surfing / or for the many times, I just felt so alive in the Drakensburg Mountains.

I continued… the blessings were stacking higher and higher around me.

For daily meals, for daily provision (as small as toothpaste), to petrol in my car / to conversations with my brother / to hearing a kind word from a friend or a stranger…

To hearing the birds chirping outside / and seeing a butterfly land on a flower in front of me.

About 2 hours went by… and I can still count them:

Morning cups of coffee / good music / my cd collection / my job / a salary and the end of the month / playing soccer / the cool teens at my church / the awesome stories I have read…
I am so blessed.  I really am.
I want more… I thought…

Let me ask for more…

That’s when I noticed…
He was gone…
(You may ask, “Who was gone?”)

Well, the Blesser…
He was gone,

I could not see Him
The blessings had piled up around me so high that I could not see Him any longer.

I had learnt to “count my blessings” … BUT:

I had not always thanked Him: our beautiful God (the Blesser) for my blessings.
I had not learnt to be content with what I already have… instead always being “greedy” for more…


The story does not end there…

Rather, I stopped counting…
And I started thanking Him
As I thanked Him, I noticed the piles seemed to get smaller.
I prayed for contentment and the piles soon disappeared…

Then I saw Him, my Saviour…


“I will make them and the places surrounding my hill a blessing. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing.” Ezekiel 34: 26

Proverb: Don’t let counting your blessings get in way of spending time with the Blesser.



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

One thought on “I counted my blessings but…

  1. Great Words! Its such a good reminder in such a me centered, self gratifying world to praise him, and not the blessings he gives!

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