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when we looked outwards…

Yesterday I took part in a “ONE DAY WIYHOUT SHOES” march. A cause/concept started by TOMS

(Toms stand for: shoes of tomorrow)

What made me smile yesterday was that 5 of my youth got involved. It was so exciting to see the picture of their feet on BBM and to see them actually arrive to the rally/march thing.

You see, even though it was a small group altogether, about 40 of us…

God used that event to sew seeds into the hearts of those who attended. And who knows what outward affects came from our AWARENESS march. God uses everything for His glory.

The idea of not wearing shoes for a day is simply to create AWARENESS and help us realise, there are people less fortunate than ourselves.
There are people who get foot diseases because they don’t own a single pair of shoes.

I liked the fact that a godly principal was instilled in us yesterday.
all these “things” like ONEDAYWITHOUTSHOES teach us to look “outward”

Jesus commanded us to care and look outwards.
So thats what made me smile.

The youth that went, God was doing a great work in them.

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“I believe we remain SMALL if we think the world revolves around ourselves. where we look only to please and care for ourselves. but one becomes BIG when they look out beyond themselves.
a BIG person sees the needs around them.”


I did note people got a little offended by me on Facebook yesterday.
I apologize if I did offend anyone. (not my intention at all.)
No way ever NEEDS to “join” the ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES cause…
There are many other causes.

BUt I do stand on this: we do NEED to look outward.

Even if you took out the Christianity perspective.
Pure Humanity demands that we “look out and care for” others.
that is a NEED!



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