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Those ENGLISH worship leaders / song writers

This is my opinion
This is may not be an entirely correct point of view
I may come across ignorant
But I write anyway
Because these thoughts spill out,
in the words of EMPIRE RECORDS “Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear” (Lucas to Joe)

I have noticed here in South Africa, we sing a lot of worship songs from “elsewhere” particularly England.
We also sing songs by Chris Tomlin (US), Dave Crowder (US) and Hillsong (AUS).
But a lot of churches worship with songs by:
Matt Redman
Tim Hughes
Al Gordon

And that God me thinking…
Isn’t it odd, how from an apparent “Christianity is dying” country: England, that a lot of good worship songs come from that place.

Why? I thought these may be the reason:
i) The worship industry is bigger there. Music sells well that side. People push these worship leaders well in the UK and thus their songs get known and are used.


ii) I believe in a place where “Christainity is not the popular thing” those who do make a decision to follow Jesus have really stood up against a large majority. They have made a real passionate decision following Jesus.
And out of those places, these guys above have written HEART FELT profound lyrics.

I mean “sometimes” in South Africa its really easy to be a Christian. Sometimes there are too many who wear the “of course I am a Christian label”
YET their lifestyles do not match.
and Christians and non Christians look the same.

Just a thought.
I really do love the lyrics of many UK song worship leaders, wow!
Just to think, what was on their heart when they “wrote” and uttered those words to God.
I am moved.

In conclusion I am sure there are quite a few SONGS FROM AFRICA.

I write an observe ONLY from a general “white westernized” church.
Will you point me to good songs of Africa?

Concluding, it is good to express our hearts to God. Because He is amazing.



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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