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38 minutes…

I swam the Midmar Mile today.  Super stoked that I finished it.

Basically, you swim a mile across Midmar dam.

What a great challenge!

You see, I don’t see myself as very sporty.  I do like taking on challenges but sometimes some of them can be very difficult for me:

Yet, I achieved this feat with the help of my brother.

I am so thankful for him.  He pushed me well and he supported me amazingly.

The whole mile he swam next to me.

Each breath I took I saw he was next to me.

He could have swam faster but he stayed by my side.

(One of the many reasons why I love him)

Reminded me of what Jesus does.  His yoke is light, I wrote about in here: Sacred Spaces 324

Jesus, thank you for my awesome brother.
I was proud of our time too.
I would be happy to complete it at 45 minutes.
My bro pushed us for 40 minutes
and we completed it at 38 minutes…

Thanks bro, for another adventure together…



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