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Nature always speaks (to me)…

Take a look through my eyes at just a fraction of what I saw today:

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Each time I am in creation I am simply moved.
How do people deny the existence of a Creator God?
His evidence of Himself is all over.
We simply need to open our eyes…

I am amazed at:
– the order and how all things in creation have a role to play. how it all fits together.
Example: Cattle Egret on livestock. (such as rhinos and cows)
– The Egret clean the ticks on the livestock. the size of the livestock keep the egrets safe.

– The diversity. We saw over 34 species of birds today in just a few hours. Why are there so many different species?
An explosion and all of this comes together… no way!
THERE IS a designer here.
I call Him… God.

– Also the unsual looks of nature. Look at a giraffe? Look at a rhino. A warthog…
My word, what odd looking animals! What stunning creations!

All diverse. All beautiful. All pointing to my God.

Thank you, God that I get to spend another day in your back yard…

as you continue to surprise me!



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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