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Those little moments could change everything (The Power of One)

I may be really far behind the times in finally reading this book.  And I’m sure many have read long before me.

Yet I do believe, the time you stumble upon a book, is always the right time in your life.  And it feels this way with this book too.

I haven’t finished the book yet, but I felt a blog coming through, so here is a excerpt from Bryce Courtenay‘s book, The Power of One:

“Hoppie had passed briefly through my life, like a train passing in the night, I had known him a little over twenty-four hours, yet he had managed to change my life.  He had given me the power of one, one idea, one heart, one mind, one plan, one determination.  Hoppie had sensed my need to grow, my need to be assured that the world around me had not been specially arranged to bring about my undoing. He gave me a defence system and with it he gave me hope.”

Now, I am really excited to see how the story unfolds…

But I sit with this thought from this piece above:

– In just a moment, we could change someone’s life forever?

– God wants to use our lives, to inspire and help others.

– In one moment, Jesus died and defeated death, so that we may life fully and forgiven.

– You may be in a moment, that is going to significantly change your life, have you noticed it?

I simply ask you to open your eyes and heart to this possibility.

There is coming a monent that is going to change everything.

As a Christian, I’d pray Jesus be the captain and lead us into that moment wisely.

We are “salt of the earth” and a light for Him.

Let’s make a positive difference.



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