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This blog is dedicated to my brother, Warren.

This gig definately comes tie first with Thrice

If there was a gig experience I would want to share with someone, it would definately be this one with my bro. However, I went to this one on my own and hence the blog, maybe someone would enjoy hearing (reading/watching) about this experience:

Incubus started in such an explosive way. They started with songs that I thought they would probably end off with… BUT no!!! they started with a bang… see the first 6 songs below:

1) Privilege
2) Wish you were here

3) Adolescents
4) Pardon Me

5) Promises Promises
6) If not now, when

Seriously, how good is that for a start to their show?

Here is photo slide of the night:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have always loved the beautiful crafted lyrics of Incubus, here are some of my favourites:

“The ocean looks like a blue blanket with diamonds strewn across it.” (Wish you were here)

“I’m running out of time, out of time I know there’s no such thing as either of them” (Adolescents)

“Don’t let the world bring you down, because not everyone here is that fucked up and cold.” (the warmth)

Talking about the warmth, here is the video:

I guess this blog comes with more pictures and videos and less words, yet here is the rest of the setlist:

7) Anna Molly
8) Talk show on mute
9) Vitamin
10) A crow left of the murder
11) In the company of wolves

The next 2 songs were done acoustically:

12) Defiance
13) Love hurts

then back to electrics for:

14) The warmth
15) A kiss to send us off
16) Dig

A crowd favourite followed:

17) Drive
18) Switchblade

At this point Brandon Boyd took his shirt off (for all the female readers),

19) Meglomaniac

Then the band did the whole “encore” thing and came back ending off with these 2 songs:

20) A certain shade of green
21) Tomorrow’s food.
(This was a chilled way of ending off the show. YET, the imagery on the screen behind them was moving.)

So after a 21 song set, I was truely grateful. the passion from the band, the excellent back drop of lights and video footage made the show an epic one!

The PS part: I was kinda hoping to see “Nice to know you” HOWEVER, Incubus are one of those bands… that just have a massive repertoire of good hits!

I have made a long montage of some other songs of the evening below:
So while you let the video load, grab yourself a cup of coffee/tea or grab a beer!
and enjoy the movie!!!

(You don’t wanna miss Drive)

Thanks for reading/wathcing! Rock on!



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2 thoughts on “Incubus

  1. bro wow the lighting and video production work looks incredible, so often the lights and drums perfectly synced with the smallest detail of drum accents, rolls, and fills!!!

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