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I often cycle past this wall…

Today I stopped and took a photo of it.

It always stirs something in me, when I see this graffiti.

What is your truth?

Mine is: I love Jesus.  And I am still figuring it all out. But I love the journey.  I love the life.  I feel forgiven.  I feel I have a purpose.  I feel new and alive and part of Something Massive.

I really like the lyric from Thousand Foot Krutch “We want the truth, give us the Absolute.” taken from this song below:

(How cool would it be to see this band live? feel the energy when watching the video!)



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2 thoughts on “Truth?

  1. Simple one word graffiti always will stir something up in some people and not others. Tracey Emin at the Frieze last year did it quite remarkably. But this graffiti was probably done by someone who felt so emotional about thier beliefs at the time, by how they felt, that this word maybe means different for them as it does for me or for anyone. But it will always come down to the absolute truth for that person. The great thing about this is the reinterpretation and the meanings it will have for any passer by.
    Grayson Perry does this in his work, bygiving them multi-layered meanings.

    I like this “Truth” as in itself it is powerful when observed by the veiwer.

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