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I like my church

It was just so beautiful.
I have an office at my church now.
Its so cool, I get to start my day in the sanctuary (the church space) and just sit with my God.

I got a little trigger happy:

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This I know:
God is good.
He loves me.
I love Him.

There are some traditions that churches should keep:
Stained Glass Windows, for sure.

In this space I notice:
– The sounds of the town outside and before I begin this day; I enjoy the sanctity and quietness of this place.
– On Sundays and during the week when we use this space for the teens, God I pray you continue to stir the hearts of the young people. I know this is just a building. But may the sanctity of it, move hearts. May the incredible creativity and stories of the stained glass windows touch the hearts of the people who find themselves in this space each week.
– As I sat there, the sun spilled through the stained glass windows… revealing an array of lights on the carpet. Jesus dropping in to say: “Hi”

He is beautiful.
Life is beautiful.
I breathe in this moment.



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