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What do you see… (Ard Matthews…)

If I asked you to look and this picture and tell me what you see… what would you say?

Most people would answer:

“I see a black dot.”

Not many people would answer like this, (and could this perspective be a more healthier one?):

“I see a whole lot of white and just a small amount of black.”


Do you get it?  Does this make sense?

Recently I heard of all the drama about Ard Matthews in SA.

(So the mess up from Ard Matthews can be seen here: ard matthews singing national anthem)


I don’t want to write too much.

– Yes, maybe he should have practiced the song more.

– Yes, maybe he should have known the words more.


BUT why on earth are people so quick to judge and look at people’s faults?

How many white south africans can actually speak black african languages well?  It is difficult for us!

And from a faith perspective, how often have we fumbled and tripped over our nerves or clumsiness in front of Greatness?


Does God scorn us for getting the words wrong?

Does God just see the black dot?

I don’t think so!



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4 thoughts on “What do you see… (Ard Matthews…)

  1. The ‘how many SAffers can actually speak an African language’ will never fly. In fact I can’t believe you actually used that (excuse). When it comes to the National Anthem, there just aren’t any (excuses)

    Now this is coming from someone who knows how proudly South African Ard is; he did practise (see rehearsal videos), he does know the national anthem back to front and has been singing it since….well, very long time. So therefore there’s npo excuse. However, musicians will probably tell you this kinda thing happens all the time. The problem was his nervous reaction was a laugh. An unintended laugh. That’s what SAffers who don’t know him couldn’t excuse.

    it has nothing to do with the colour of his skin. And everything to do with the fact that, well its our National Anthem black or white, we not very easy to forgive when you mess it up.

    I gave him a hard time on Twitter than day it happened, but got over it next day, coz I know he’s a pro SA SAffer.

  2. Hey kate, you raise a fair point and that is a whole other discussion.
    But I am not ashamed that I raised the “african language” comment.
    Because as a whit esouth african I struggle to speak other languages. When I get back and depending on what coomunity I live in, I want to learn that native langauge of that province to the extent of possibly going to lessons.

    But i know even abroad, my french, polish, dutch..all my language attempts have been sucky. I try my best to learn the languages of the locals…but its difficult. not my strong point.

    I do remember when the national anthem came out and how racist it sounded when the song came to the english words (even more so the afrikaans part) and how loudly the people sang the anthem then.

    that hurt me, because people “mumbled” from the first part.
    anyway that is a whole other blog.

    if you look at the link on clint’s post you will hear how apologetic Ard is.

    why I wrote at the blog is really at the twits who tweet and merciless statuses on facebook.

    people like bad news
    people like pointing out people’s faults
    people like judging
    people like criticizing

    those are the things that annoy me!

  3. I can’t count the number of times people mess up the National Anthem in the US. I don’t count the number of times, on purpose.
    If you watch the sports recaps, apparently it’s an almost daily occurrence in the summer.
    I’m completely unqualified to make a political comment on South Africa. I can only agree with your spiritual observation.
    Thankfully, God sees more than the dot.

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