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One Day Closer…

This morning in my devotional, I read this: “Those who belong to Christ should be longing to see Him.”

It got me thinking about this song by Third Day:

Today, we are one day closer to being with Jesus.

It’s sad how we so often get “too” comfortable here on earth. We camp here as if this place is permanent.
We tend to forget about Jesus’ promise of coming back to fetch us.

“Your letter said that you were leaving
But you didn’t know how long
I have never stopped believing
That one day you would return
And though waiting is the hardest
Part of everything I do
I do confess it’s getting better
Knowing I will be with you”

(Third Day – It’s alright)

This truth doesn’t excuse the pain we may be in. But I do believe it can help put things in perspective.
There is a promise of Jesus in the book of Revelation, where we are told, there will be no more tears, no more pain.

So today, we are one day closer to that.
Do you long for Jesus?

“Without You I am nothing” (Lyric from the Hillsong Aftermath album)

Whatever tough time, you are going through.  Know that Jesus understands and cares.  Sometimes we may not feel like God is working, but He is.

One day closer…



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