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No smoking signs…

Okay we get it!
I am not a smoker. (So glad about that.)

My question is, what’s the deal with the no smoking signs on planes? They seem pointless now.
In all the years of aviation surely all people know that you cannot smoke on planes or in the toilet onboard.
You may say, “Well, not all smokers have flown yet.”
But this knowledge is common sense, is it not?  As common as knowing that the trees give shade and the sun gives warmth.
Smoking on planes is not allowed.  That’s obvious!
(Think about.  Hotboxing a confined space in the sky.  Not a good idea!)

And when a smoker would book a flight, they would see all over the website: “no smoking agreements”.
I agree, maybe the first few planes ever built would have had to have those signs… but now after so many years of flying, people would surely know:
Common sense, General knowledge.  If asked in a pub quiz; “is smoking on airlines permitted?” What would people say?

Obviously no!
Point proven.



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2 thoughts on “No smoking signs…

  1. hey bon fair point and correct comment. thank goodness blogs are opinions and not pure fact. gosh. that would have sucked flying in early days in a literal cloud (of smoke).
    but still I hold to the fact that once the first few “non smoking” planes were made people would get the hint after awhile.


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