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Details of my adventure in August

I am going on  a 3 day hike in August.  Sleeping under African winter skies… can’t wait…read below for more details:

(God, I love the adventure you place in my life.  I am eternally grateful.  Can I hug I lion in heaven please?)

It is important to have the correct perspective when embarking on a trail. Although there is the opportunity of seeing the Big Five in iMfolozi, this is not the main aim of a trail. The focus of these trails is to introduce the trailists to the concept of Wilderness; it’s ethic, philosophy, principles and values. We aim to facilitate an experience that embraces some of the fundamental values of Wilderness; solitude, timelessness, freedom from a world where man is in control, and a place where the sounds and ways of Nature pervade. Game viewing is part of it, but there is much else which we will enjoy and discover on a Wilderness trail in iMfolozi. The objective of a trail is to have a wilderness experience, and visitors embarking on an iMfolozi wilderness trail experience the primitive wilderness in which they observe all facets of the bush, both great and small. They discover the many intricate patterns of nature that would otherwise elude them when driving around in a car. It is also a unique opportunity to ask those questions that inevitably crop up.

iMfolozi is internationally renowned for its white rhino, having the largest population in Africa. It also has the highest concentration of black rhino in Africa. The bushveld nature of the area lends itself to a magnificent wilderness experience. Once the private hunting ground of the great Zulu king, Shaka, the area is steeped in Zulu history.

Aside from the obvious benefits of enjoying the natural world, the wilderness experience offers a unique opportunity to absorb the holistic impact of wild areas on individual lives. One is able to appreciate silence and solitude which are largely lost qualities in today’s world of technological advancement. Also one feels the freedom of leaving their watch behind and living by the rhythms of nature, rather than by the dictates of the watch. This is an experience of physical, mental and spiritual refreshment, a time of refocusing one’s life and re-exploring value systems.

“Wilderness management is essentially the management of human use and influence to preserve naturalness and solitude. It includes everything the persons responsible for a Wilderness does in administering the area. For example, the formulation of goals and objectives for individual areas, and all policies, standards and field actions to achieve them.” Wilderness management should be unobtrusive, and implemented with a light hand.



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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