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When they chilled!… the fox and the “little deer” thing?

The best thing about bible study last night… was the story that Abbey told.
I asked those who were there, what unusual way has God spoken to you…
she mentioned something she had seen on a walk back home.

She spoke of seeing a fox and a “little deer” thing (something in the antelope family)…
(I tried looking online for species of Antelope in the UK… couldn’t find anything useful)

Anyway, the fox and little deer where “chillin'” together. I loved the imagery. (Because Foxes usually would eat those)
It was cool how God spoke to her through that.

There are many lessons you can get from that.
I think of the verse in Revelation somewhere “the lion and lamb will lie together?”

That will be a great moment!
But somehow today (day after she told me)… that imagery is loud in my head. Not sure why?
But I love it..

You could get so much from that picture.
The “old way” of doing church “chillin” with the “new way” of doing church?
Those “set in their ways” hanging out with those who “thrive on change”
A place where “enemies” can hang out together?

Thank you Abbey, for sharing that scene with us.



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