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In the morning God steps into my inbox…

I never really thought about it this way.
I usually wake up, and whilst having cereal, I read through my daily devotional book. (Our Daily Bread)
Sort of like my “starter” … as I face a meal of day… filled with conversations, moments and ideas.

I also read through my latest “Narnia in a year” thought for the day book. Pretty thought provoking.

I don’t always read my bible. I am trying to read it more. (Okay, all point fingers… what a bad guy I am. Woe is me)

BUT then I felt God say to me (how is that for Christianese right there?) “Darrel, check your inbox… remember I visit there too.”

I am stoked to know in “keeping up with the Jones’s” and also being relevant (lol)… that I have subscribed to many awesome things that I receive each day:

1) Alive to God (a daily verse and prayer)
2) This Day’s Thought
3) Max Lucado Daily Thought (If you want to get these go and visit here. I promise you, you will love this and be blessed.)

And then I also have great friends who send me decent forwards!!!

Who would have thought, God could enter our inboxes…

If you feel bad, that you can’t always sit and read the bible… let the bible come to your screen…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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