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Wings, a moat and a garden

Wings, a moat and a garden
12 July 2011

Standing on the ground
I see something that catches my eye
Now I drift to my thoughts…

This place has been trampled on
It’s sometimes been so arid
But You have been so faithful

Ah, my words I plough
And you so fall for them
Lasting just a bit

Sun parches you as you lie
As I lie, as I once was lost
But now I am seeing…

And then you come
And you don’t fall
But you plant something different

All these little deaths before
Seem so silly
And I am left speechless…

What has become of this?
What is that I see sprout?
I never thought it’d be like this…

I am still learning
I gotta die
And You so gotta live…

Now you take root
And He makes it grow
And I am so thankful

You found me
When I never expected it
Now I want to sit and learn…

Will this grow?
Because in your shade
I want to rest…

So I am standing here at this moat
And I am taking this risk, this run up
Here, I go, here I jump…

I am trusting He will give me wings or we will land.



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

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