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I don’t tell this story to “show off”  (no need for that)

But I want to share this to show an example of making th gospel practical and earthy.

After the KOL gig last week, i found a phone (mobile/cellphone) on the train.

I decided to look up “mom” (because thats what you do).


called the number and said “sorry i can’t really hear you because I am on a train, but I do have your son or daughter’s phone with me.  I am off to italy tomorrow for 4 days.  when I get back i will post the phone back to you.”

She was probably thinking:  “what a cheek!  Pulling a fast one like that.”

But my case was legit.  I did call her on tues, got this lady (her name is Sarah)

and sent off the phone to her.  She recieved the phone today.


she was so stoked (pleased) that I was honest enough to return the phone.

she even said to me “you have restored my faith in humanity.”

Must be in  hectic place to say that.

But glad to have been a beacon of hope.  that is what Christ calls us to be.

But when i was going to post the package, I felt prompted (yes, God can do that) to put a verse and a thing called “the invitation” into the parcel.  I printed out Psalm 139.  and I left my email address.

I told her, I did my good deed because I believe that’s what God wants us to do in the world.

She is not very religious… but I just felt this was making the gospel real and earthy.


and somehow I hope I shone a ray of hope in her life.  Jesus you do the rest…



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

One thought on “Package

  1. I think that is a fantastic witness…. and certainly made the gospel real and practical to her!! Be blessed!

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