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111 hours – Ciao (This and that about Italy)

Walking from my house at 12pm on Thursday 23rd June, I headed to the busstop for a non stop adventure.
That Thursday afternoon… I went to watch Kings of Leon in Hyde Park. (always wanted to see a show there)

Then after that, headed straight to Oxford, met my friend, Clint, collected my backpack and we headed off on a bus at 2am on Friday morning towards London Gatwick.

I only got 2 hours sleep that first night.
This was my bed:

I carried a book with me, The Magician’s Nephew (CS Lewis)
There is a chapter called: “The Wood between the Worlds”
This is what my holiday in italy felt like.

I stepped out of my “usual life” for awhile and was in this beautiful paradise for a few days.
But more than that… is my emotional state. I usually think a lot, always having something racing in my mind.
This holiday I was so CHILLED!
So stoked about that.
My good friend, Clint was an excellent travel buddy.
But I loved how I never felt my mind drift back “to work or ministry” I totally was just in that place. šŸ™‚

So here is a string of thoughts entwined in not particular order or purpose.
Just filling you in with thoughts and fun:

i) I loved how the Italians spoke out aloud to each other on the train. Hardly anyone wore headphones.

ii) Italians drive like maniacs šŸ™‚

iii) I loved how almost every car you saw had a ding or a scratch on it. Cars are just a mere material object… no need to bother with getting them fixed.

iv) I had a dream of sitting above cobbled stone paving having a cup of coffee and watching people pass by. I got to do that. Also with a glass of wine.

v) stepping out into the heat and humidity… I totally loved..reminded me of SA weather. I love that unbearable heat.

vi) I laughed at some of the pointless photos I took. (another blog about that later)

We decided to not book any accomodation and just look for a place to saty when we got there. Big mistake. We walked around in the scorching heat, eventually finding the Yellow.
We caught a bus from the aiport and got off one stop to early.
I was stoked my friend, Becks had told me about the Yellow, so I casually jotted down the address (Scout’s motto: Be prepared).
Out of desperation we headed for the address I had down. No accomodation! Aarrggh!
But thankfully their “sister hotel” across the road had accomodation. Yay!

Booked 2 nights and we got to see all the sights:
The Colosseum
The Pantheon
We did a tour of the Vatican City, we saw the Forum from the outside. We sat (and I had some italian beer) on the Spanish steps. We saw and had some Galeto at the Trevi Fountain.

Things that made me laugh and happy. First day, Clint and I must have looked like hobos. some random american tourists gave us a pizza. (Did we look that disheartened looking for accom?)

Once we found our accom and had a nap in an airconned room we headed off… and had some refreshing watermelon.

It was so kiff, i got to wear slops, baggies and a t-shirt for the whole 4 days. didn’t even need a hoodie or a rain jacket. good times!

I told you, this blog thing would be all over the show:

here are some pics, of some typical Italian sights and scenes, our friend Dani that Clint and I met on the vatican city tour. the beach at sorrento, our accomdation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So grab a cup of coffee as your browze through this…

In Rome, we went through some not so “touristy” side of the city, we went across the Tiber river.
Our new friend’s mom suggested we go that side.
It was awesome. Just hearing italian around us, we ate on pasta on cobbled paving and just noted the locals living their life. here are some pics of this “away from the tourism” feel.

Clint and I did get to “eat lettuce” off the tree that was so close to our table.

The best for me was on Sunday, Clint and I decided to head down to Sorrento, a well known coastal town yet when we got there, the place seemed so chilled and lack tourists. basically, it was awesome. was better than Rome.
We had a cool night speaking with other guests on top of the Hostel on the roof bar.
we walked down to the local beach.

there were locals scattered everywhere. We felt out, our baggies were too long!
Gee, what’s the deal with men, wearing such short swimming shorts.. yuck!

a highlight for me was when Clint and I just swam out to an “abandoned barge” floating a little way out the bay.
It reminded me of a scene from the old classic movie: Stand by Me.

It really is hard to pint point exactly how I felt on the holiday. Never did I think I would be in Italy, swimming in the refreshing sea. what a blessing!

I also felt a sense of freedom within. It’s hard to explain, maybe you could use this analogy: “It was like i have been doing time for a number of years and now I have been set free, that new feeling of freedom was almost overwhelming.”

I felt alive.
Here is a scene of that local beach:

Italy was incredible. I really loved it. We did a lot of sitting on trains and busses too. But all part of the commitment to adventure.

For real, count your blessings, is what I live by.



I am an aspiring and up and coming writer. Dubbed the wondering wanderer. Do come check out my stories.

3 thoughts on “111 hours – Ciao (This and that about Italy)

  1. looking at your photos is like a trip down memory lane. We stayed in Sorrento & visited Rome for our honeymoon. It’s cool looking at your photos & thinking “I’ve been there!”
    Italy is an awesome country…it’s probably number 2 on “places I could move to forever”

  2. bro thanks fior the pics, really cool to see all the spots! I like that pathway on the edge… super adventurous!

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